Jaw Awn Machine
To create the first brand of microcomputer slicer
High efficiency and fast technical service
Professional to provide high-quality industrial machinery enterprises
Strong development capabilities to reduce costs for customers
Perfect pre-sale and after-sales service system, to provide
customers with the best service
Morgenthau, patented a number of products
Has a strong technical development capabilities, the integrity of the
production quality assurance system, improve the pre-market
after-sales service system, to provide customers with the best
service. Can be tailored according to customer requirements, design
and modification, installation of special models
High precision, superior performance,
professional and technical team
JAW AWN MACHINE firm in good faith, technology, enterprising,
responsible for the spirit of enterprise, to Customers provide stable
performance, good quality, user-friendly and efficient operation,
Fast technical services, to reduce costs, improve productivity,
create Feng Thick profit machine products.
Lifelong maintenance, free installation, free training
Provide a free trial, free installation, free training, free warranty, lets you
Houguwuyou, slicing machine microcomputer microcomputer slicer
lifetime warranty, free installation and training
A number of patented products, high precision, superior performance
  JAW AWN MACHINE is a professional high quality industrial machinery enterprises, the main products are: electronic cutting machine, microcomputer belt cutting machine, glue on the glue machine, belt factory equipment and special machinery design and manufacturing etc.. The products are widely used in handbags, luggage, leather goods, electrical conductivity, and the vast joint and some other special industries, the company has strong technical development capabilities, complete production quality assurance system, improve the pre-sale customer service service...
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